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Why beauty brands are moving towards micro-influencers in 2018?#microinfluencers

Updated: Apr 23, 2018

Working with a number of beauty brands over the last decade, one of the most significant shifts was the rise of social media and with it, the rise of the social influencer.

While using social influencers has become a popular tactic in brand marketing across all industries, it’s a specifically popular advocacy strategy used by the beauty industry, for the beauty industry.

The typical social influencer leverages their creative beauty skills to partner with cosmetic brands who in return leverage the influencer’s reach aimed at achieving specific business objectives; increase product sales, build brand awareness & brand advocacy amongst a specific target group of consumers.

A large part why brands have utilised the “influencer” tactic is because the self-made social media celebrities are vital to a brand’s proposition and storytelling as their thoughts and opinions have been proven to be more persuasive than messaging straight from the cosmetic brands themselves.

With this realisation beauty marketers were quick to seek creative ways to leverage these new influencers.

However, over the last 2 years after having crafted a number of social strategies for beauty brands, I started to notice we were unknowingly overlooking a potential game changer in driving brand and product advocacy. The actual consumer, an authentic brand advocate, the #microinfluencer.

Less renowned than their flashy influencer counterparts, microinfluencers, are driving higher community engagement as they are advocating a brand or product they truly like, use and believe in.

They are also thought to have more authentic connections with their followers, seeing as their followers are mainly their friends (tribe) and family members. While we do not solely use the number of followers as a key decision factor in choosing a microinfluencer, many brand owners do ask what number of followers constitutes one to have the title of microinfluencer.

Though there’s no official standardized number of followers that qualifies one to be an official microinfluencer, some estimates suggest as few as 1,000 -1,500 followers can nab you the title.

The key attractions of a microinfluencer are anything but micro: a highly engaged follower base, a lower price point, and because marketers are leveraging actual brand advocates, that all-important aforementioned authenticity in driving brand dialogue makes for a compelling case.

Marketers know that with a brand category like beauty, which can be a very personal decision making process for consumers, delivering trusted content is a non-negotiable.

And because micro-influencers largely have a genuine following, when they recommend or advocate a product their followers really trust, listen and are more compelled to act on that recommendation.

Particularly for the millennial-and-younger crowd, a group notoriously resistant to traditional marketing, the feeling that they’re able to trust a microinfluencer’s opinion has proven to be very effective.

Managing multiple beauty microinfluencers across social platforms is no mean feat.

From selection to briefing, right down to managing brand and creative guidelines, to ensuring consistently across all microinfluencer content, can be overwhelming IF brands do not have a structured process and uniformed platform for coordination and communication.

Many brands have reached out to us asking for more support and clarity on how they (and their agencies) can better manage and coordinate communications between themselves and microinfluencers.

To address this we @ Selicious are organising a microinfluencer beauty marketing event this June with microinfulencer app platform Partipost, where we aim to share an operational and marketing framework for beauty marketers to leverage for their next campaign! If you and your marketing leads are keen to attend this workshop kindly leave your details here and we'll reach out to you with dates and venue details.

- Selicious Team


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