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Building an active, engaged online community of beauty enthusiasts is skin-deep

Updated: Apr 24, 2018

Building an online community is more than just increasing vanity metrics.

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Controversial as social media may be, it is not going anywhere. At least not for now.

Facebook and Instagam are still the most utilised social platforms in Singapore and while Facebook has twice the number of users Instagram has, users’ engagement with brands is 3 times higher on Instagram.

With the recent changes to FB’s algorithm, we are getting many questions from beauty marketers on how this impacts their community building efforts on social media with respect to reach and engagement. Should they move from FB to Instagram since Instagram seem to have higher engagement? Not so fast.

Simply put, despite the shift in FB’s algorithm, it is not a platform shift that brands need to be focusing on, but rather, a shift in content strategy & content creation.

Brands need to start paying close attention to the content they are posting on their social pages. Unthoughtful, regurgitated, copy and paste content strategies will no longer achieve any real reach or engagement. Useful, well-crafted educational, entertaining and lifestyle driven content pieces that are tailored for your social audiences consumption habits, will inevitably see an increase in reach and engagement.

The challenge now for brands on social is how to create cost effective, engaging content pieces that will resonate with their audiences on social. But before we talk content strategy, we first need to understand who are we creating content for.

Who and Where are you audiences on social?

One of the first things we look at when consulting with beauty brands is to understand who their consumers are and where are they spending the most time on social.

This may seem particularly simple but incorporating varying audiences profiles, tribes and consumption habits across different social platforms together with limited budgets, we appreciate this is no mean feat for beauty marketers who also need to be incredibly analytical with how they utilise their annual budgets to achieve business impact.

What we feel best helps brands better understand their audiences is to cultivate an audience framework by asking the right questions.

Questions such as; What are your audiences’ interests? Who & Where are their tribes? Where are they spending time on social? How do they consume social content? Are we developing content to meet and engage those consumption habits? Why not?, will lend marketers a stronger start in understanding their audiences.

Only from these answers (which requires retrieving past and present consumer data) can marketers begin crafting an engaging social content strategy which aims to align brand’s objectives, on & offline activations, creative production, influencer and campaign strategies in one clear voice.

It goes without saying data collection needs to be handled ethically, sensitively and with consumer consent. One simple starting point is leveraging Facebook page, audience and campaign insights which delivers useful audience & performance data that can serve to direct your reach and engagement strategy on social.

A word of caution for marketers who have yet to venture into FB’s & IG’s audiences targeting tools and segmentation. While these tools are incredibly helpful and can generate leads thru various targeting options depending on your objectives, it can be overwhelmingly confusing if you haven’t already identified what are your brand’s core objectives on social.

Objectives such as brand awareness are common but try to quantify what that actually looks like for your beauty brand on social. How will you know you’ve truly increased brand awareness? Increase in click thru rates? Increase in comments, likes and shares? Increase in fan following and if so, are these numbers a true reflection of brand awareness?

Don't stop there.

Once you have successfully built an active & engaged pool of audiences on social, what do you exactly do you want to communicate to them?

Should your brand continue engaging with them thru educational content pieces? Does your brand want to engage with them for an upcoming event? Should you use this active awareness to drive traffic in-store? Again, it all boils down to what are your core objectives of being on social.

While this exercise can be overwhelming at times, it only gets easier with time and with consistent monthly or quarterly review.

We can appreciate brand owners and marketers are incredibly busy jugging 10 different things on any given day and with that in mind, Selicious is happy to share our insights, frameworks and approaches with beauty leaders with the hope that our learnings support beauty leaders in building a robust digital marcom strategy that suits both brand and audiences.

For more on understanding behavioural insights, audience segmentation & targeting for beauty consumers locally and regionally, feel free to contact us at

- Selicious Team


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