When MooGoo was looking to launch it's Australian home grown brand into South East Asia, it was looking to develop an awareness campaign that would allow it reach specific audiences geographically (Singapore and Malaysia primarily).


We worked with the owner and founder of MooGoo, Craig, to develop a regional creative media campaign that would allow the brand to gain awareness and brand recall to drive purchase once it was available in specific markets. 



With targeted media buy and specific editorial opportunities, we were able to get MooGoo's brand the reach and awareness they were looking for with over 1.2 million eyeballs, monthly.


Since then MooGoo's had to keep up with increasing demand for its skin care product to fit the needs of individuals from all over the SEA region, and now has over 40 skin care products variations allowing them to be the leader in organic skin care. 

Amy Jean

Brow Agency

Amy Jean's Brow Agency is a luxury beauty clinic where her hand-crafted services has attracted high end clientele including pop-stars, actresses, super-models and local fashion, beauty and influencers. 


With Amy expanding from Sydney to the wider Australian region, she was looking for a targeted beauty campaign that would engage the niche audience segment that would fit her highly customised beauty services.


With a specific creative summer editorial & media campaign, targeted alongside an exclusive partnership with the luxurious Palazzo Versace Hotel on the Gold Coast, we were able to leverage Palazzo Versace's exclusive clientele to deliver a targeted, niche campaign that allowed Amy Jean to reach a highly valued audience segment for the launch of her new beauty clinics throughout Australia. 



EstheClinic is a new generation of beauty clinics in Singapore that combines medical expertise, ground-breaking technologies and cosmeceuticals for pain free, non-invasive extremely effective aesthetic treatments.


In 2018, Esthe Clinic was looking to relaunch its suite of beauty treatments; everything from permanent hair removal to anti-ageing, skin rejuvenation to cellulite removal, by creating a social media campaign that would drive its audiences to engage and purchase its newly launched beauty treatments.


With a wide network of creatives, Selicious was able to quickly assemble a crew of creatives, talent and production to put together a full day photo shoot (with story boarding, briefing, digital art direction, talent selection, make up, photographer & digital equipment) to create a diverse range of digital assets, that would allow Esthe Clinic to run a 6 month digitally led beauty campaign, reaching a wide and diverse  audience segment in Singapore. 

The campaign is still currently ongoing. To view the  full campaign across all digital platforms, please clink on the Learn More button below. 

Velcan Investments


In 2018 Velcan Investments, an investment company from France was looking to open up a start of the art tech driven slimming spa in Singapore that would introduce a first of its kind in weigh loss management. Velcan hired Selicious to run a 3 month in depth market research primarily based in Singapore with an extension into the SEA region. 


Selicious designed a tailor made research approach for Velcan to gain solid understanding of the sliming and weight loss market in Singapore.

Our aim was to arm Velcan with in-depth data backed insights that would assist them in determing the level of commercial risk and opportunity involved, along with understanding the systemic landscape of weight management in Singapore across various  supply and demand segments.

Some research aspects covered:

  1. Landscape analysis (Digitally driven data & insights) 

  2. Audience Needs & Demand Analysis

  3. In Depth Competitor Analysis (Govt, Private and Community)

  4. Identifying Market Forces (Supply and Demand across Govt, Private and Community)

  5. Recommendation business viability and profitability based on risks and opportunities identified

"Thank you to Niky and her team for such an insightful and informative market research presentation.We were able to understand market forces in Singapore surrounding weight management issues and will be using this research to drive our decision to invest in the slimming industry in Singapore. 

What a great job!"


- Pascale Rivoire, Velcan Investments

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